Survival blog and what to expect in it

In any survival blog, you will get information regarding on how you can be able to survive in case you get into a survival situation. What should you do in such a scenario?
Try calling for help
The best way to get out of danger when you get yourself in on is to ensure that someone else knows where you are and what you are going through. Planes and boats normally have a radio that is built in which will not be able to take with you, they have some flares on board which will likely come in handy.
On the radio onboard, there will be the preferred choice which has flares depending on where you will be. After that, the mobile phones might be able to get a signal for emergency signal and you could even be lucky to get a satellite phone which could be on board, you should not be afraid grabbing someone’s phone from the body or luggage if they are not able to use it for whatever could be the reason.
Gather the supplies
In case you were not prepared in the slightest way for a survival situation the way most victims for plane crush find themselves, there is no reason you couldn’t improvise and stock up some equipment which is useful.
A piece of metal which is twisted off the vehicles body with a cloth that is wrapped around the handle might make it quite useful as a knife further down the road and the wing of the mirror of the car could make a great device for signaling. When gathering equipment you have to ensure that the basics have to be included so that you don’t get stack.