Creating Decorative Style With a Corner bead

The most popular and most inexpensive corner bead is galvanized steel. Easily glued or screwed together with your choice of glue, clamps, staples or adhesive, you can be assured that it will stand up well to light abuse and resist corrosion if exposed to water. With a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit the decor of any home or business, they’re one of the most versatile beads available for interior and exterior use. The wide selection means that you can select a style to complement your existing decor or create a totally new look altogether.
Corner beads may be purchased from online bead stores, home improvement stores and specialty retailers. When choosing a site to purchase your bead, make sure that they are able to deliver in your area. A good site will have good customer service, fast shipping and fast installation. If a site doesn’t have good reviews or offers a free installation guarantee, steer clear of that site. Take some time to review their product offerings and compare the price and quality of each bead. If you’re buying a whole wall, check to see if there are any hidden costs. Some sites will tack on installation charges, which you may not want to pay for if you’re not certain of how to finish the job.
Check around your local retailers to find the perfect selection of corner beads. The selection can vary quite a bit, so you may have to go from one store to another before you find what you’re looking for. If you live in an area with a lot of natural beauty, finding the perfect bead may be difficult. Take some time to browse online bead stores to see what styles and colors are offered locally. You may also be surprised to see that many of the best bead designs are offered at a fraction of the cost of going to local retailers. Even if you choose to take your project elsewhere, finding the perfect corner bead can help give your space an added touch of style.