Book Review – Sexy Creonya by L J Libiran

Sexycreolyta4u is an erotic book by Holly Perkins. It is a collection of short stories set in Norfolk, Virginia. Some of the stories are told from the point of view of a young woman who is researching to become a psychic and others are told from the point of view of a powerful and extremely attractive young woman who works as a call girl. This novel will make you laugh, get a little arousal, and even think.

The story starts out in a small town called Pleasure Beach, Virginia. Thirty-nine-year-old divorced mother of six, Mary Anne, lives a life of anonymity on the beach with her new boyfriend. She works long hours and never bothers to shop because she is such a fan of the television show Happy Days.

One day she receives a mysterious note that states that someone very important to her wants to meet her. Mary goes shopping but soon realizes that the man she is seeing has no money. He is penniless and is on the run from the law. Mary believes he is being held against his will and flees town.
While running away from Mary, a car hits her and traps her in an old dilapidated house. Here, things take an even more sinister turn as the ghost of a young man named Jacob passes out from a shotgun blast to the head. This event totally changes Mary as she hallucinates and assumes the identities of several different people throughout the night.

Sexycreolyta is written in first person and is filled with vivid descriptions of nightmarish scenes. Her descriptions of the interior of the house were so vivid and realistic that I felt as though I was actually there. In one scene, I was reading about Jacob while he was in the bathroom. It was the perfect moment when I would add, “Oh, God. “.

I would definitely recommend Sexycreolyta to any woman looking for a sexy, suspense/horror book. It’s well-written, interesting plot, and just all around great. You will not be disappointed by this exciting new series. Check out Sexycreolyta4u now! I bet you like Jacob’s story better than mine!
Also, if you happen to love fantasy romance books, Sexycreolyta will fulfill your fantasy too! This book has a great mix of romance, horror, and suspense. With a fast pace, you won’t have a minute to wait for the next installment. If you want to feel like a real witch, check out Sexycreolyta.

I LOVED this book! I thought at times that I would never finish it, but when I got to the end, I had to stop reading because I had to pee! I felt like a really good writer when I was reading this book. The descriptions of the inside and outdoors were so vivid and real. And when I mentioned “feeling like a real witch”, I instantly felt like I was reading about a real witch, or at least a very interesting witch.
Like I said, this book is truly a great read, and if you do not like horror and fantasy romance at all, you will most likely leave this one wanting. However, if you are a fan of either one of these genres, I highly recommend this book! Even if you normally hate the genre, I encourage you to read this one – you will not be disappointed!