Visit The Site And Download Ledger Wallet

The Ledger desktop Live Application allows you to manage the crypto-asset together with all the security of the Ledger device. This moves onto encourage Download Ledger Wallet (Descarga Ledger Wallet), Ledger Nano X, and also the Ledger Blue through USB.


The Ledger software wallet
An desktop using a minimum Window 8 (64-bit), Mac-OS 10.10, along with a Linux Ubuntu 16.10 (that the 64-bit)
The online link along with available port of USB. Utilize the adapter for a USBC port
The Mac Installation
Drive to get into the connection that may let you Descargar Ledger wallet (Monedero Ledger wallet).
Download the Reside Ledger application.
Subsequently doubleclick that .dmg file you’ve downloaded.
Drop & drag the Ledger Live app to the folder of Applications.
Commence the Ledger Reside out of Spotlight or Launch-pad.
Determined by the macOS ver.the message will be displayed. Click on the open button to become done with the installation.

The Windows Installation

Proceed to navigate into the link of downloading.

Subsequently down load this Ledger stay app.

Double-tap the Reside Ledger executable document, you’ve downloaded.
Once the warning reveals, Just Click on the Yes button to allow the installation of this Ledger Dwell.
Following the installation completes, click on the button.
The Linux Installation
One may put in the Dwell Ledger On Linux with a graphical interface or even the command line.

Working with the Graphical user interface
Only visit the stay ledger wallet link.
Get a stay ledger AppImage.

Go on to the down Load folder.

Only, right-click on the Live Ledger AppImage you have downloaded and then click Properties.
Now go to the tab that reads Permissions.
In Execute field, simply tick the license executing file as a program.
Following step
Have the Initial Actions as a Way to Prepare the Reside Ledger with the Gadget.

Set up applications on the apparatus and then insert your own accounts.
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