Restaurant Marketing Ideas That Work

this websitehas emerged as a great way of surviving in the cutthroat market. Yet, considering the intense competition and up to 60% yearly failure rate of most restaurant business, it’s vital for you to have your marketing plan on target. In here, are nine tips to successful restaurant marketing with effective marketing plans. Let’s get started.

Most local restaurants have a solid social media presence. They include Facebook (which has become a very popular social media outlet), Twitter, Google+ and Yelp among others. The trick to a successful restaurant marketing strategy is to combine all of them to get a wider audience. It’s easier said than done though: most local restaurants don’t have their own social media pages.
However, by taking advantage of these pages you’ll be able to reach out to a much larger audience than you would with just having a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Many restaurants use YouTube as an additional outlet to advertise their business. The trick to restaurant marketing with YouTube is to have an interesting video for your potential customers to watch. The first step to doing this is to find some videos that are related to what your restaurant offers. Once you’ve found some, you can start posting videos in batches to both Facebook and Twitter.
Restaurant marketing is also enhanced by a strong online menu. This allows you to reach out to more potential patrons. Your restaurant marketing plan doesn’t stop with simply having a website and a blog. Having an online menu available for patrons to order from gives you a chance to let them know more about your restaurant and what’s new. For example, if you recently added delivery services, you can provide a description of the services, show some pictures and put up a discount so that those in need can get them delivered to their homes at a discounted rate. If you don’t already offer delivery services, this is an excellent opportunity to do so.
While some restaurants choose to go completely digital when it comes to their advertising efforts, many restaurants find that it’s more effective to still stick with traditional forms of advertising like newspaper ads and yellow pages. Yellow pages can be a great option because they’re usually available for just the cost of printing (or a little bit of postage) and are available in local area publications which may not necessarily target the broader demographic that you’d like to reach with your online marketing efforts. These publications also tend to be focused on a specific geographic area, so if you own a restaurant in a town with a high population, they may be a great fit for your business.
Restaurant marketing doesn’t have to stop with traditional forms of advertising like newspapers and magazines. Some restaurant owners are turning to visual content in order to get their message across. Video websites like YouTube, which allows users to post short educational and fun videos, are becoming increasingly popular as a way for people to get information about the food that they want to order in restaurants. In fact, many customers prefer to use visual content over more text-based forms of marketing because they don’t have to wade through long articles to find out what they’re looking for. If you own a Mexican restaurant in a small town that doesn’t yet have a Google Places listing, starting a video website may be the perfect way to get your restaurant into the search engine’s good graces.