Jewish Mentor of Kosher Travel: Helping Jewish Youth realise their Ambitions

The Jewish community has faced numerous atrocities in the past. With their resilience and community building efforts, they have risen and become leaders in business and trade around the globe. Today, they have left their dark days behind and worked their way up into mainstream society, contributing significantly in all sects of life. With a rich history lined with heavy cultural influences, Jews have a lot to look back to.

Impressionable children. Need to be taught well
Having both tales of significant survival efforts, to unity and friendship, these ballads need to be passed on to the upcoming generations. And not just history, children need to be mentored and moulded into successful, honest and hardworking individuals to fend for themselves in the world. Everywhere around the world, especially in American heartlands that have developed a significantly large Jewish community Kosher Travel, there exist mentors, who are deeply invested in propagating positive teachings and values among the growing Jewish youth, who need to be delicately handled and taught for a bright tomorrow.

Numerous exercises to develop positive outlook to life
Also, they organise community-building exercises in camps and retreats to impart Hebrew and Judaism among children, along with general secular ethics tutorials. And not only this, these organisations, such as the Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kosher Travel, pool in their resources and contributions to provide scholarships and guidance services to intelligent and promising individuals, to nurture and support their dreams and ambitions. From fundraisers to yard sales, they are dedicatedly striving to restring the societal divide, by aiming for equality and opportunity for the disadvantaged. From organising retreats, to having student ambassadors to spread their ideologies faster, this establishment has its roots deep into social services and caregiving.

Spreading Much needed positivity
A non-profit organisation tirelessly working for Jewish representation, jewishmentors has recognised the changing political undercurrent and are invested in giving Jewish kids the guidance, support and overall opportunities they deserve.