Jewish Business Number Directory

The Kosher Travel Directory is perhaps the best and most reliable source for finding local residents and companies, including Jewish-owned businesses and organizations, phone numbers & addresses, and business profiles. With The Jewish Business Phone Number Directory you can locate: Jewish people by the number. With Jewish Business Numbers, you are sure to find someone in your immediate area.
Not only will the listings in these Jewish business directories help you find a good or bad company, but they also provide information on local Jewish business owners, their businesses, and their phone numbers. You can obtain phone numbers of Jewish businessmen and Jewish women, as well as contact numbers for Jewish doctors, lawyers, accountants, and rabbis. You can get complete contact information for a variety of Jewish-owned businesses in your town and neighborhood.
The directory also has a phone number of the United States Department of State. If you are looking for a phone number for the State Department of State, you may have to look elsewhere because not all of their numbers are listed. The number of other U.S. Government phone numbers available through the United States Department of State are listed under the directory and the phone number of the State Department itself is listed as the phone number of its main number.
In addition to listing phone numbers of Jewish businesses, you will find contact numbers for local schools, synagogues, businesses, government offices, and other establishments related to the Jewish faith. You can also find information about the Jewish holidays, Jewish festivals, and Jewish history. By entering any of the names of Jewish people in the search box, you will be directed to an extensive list of web sites offering information about these Jewish people and their business practices.
The list of Jewish phone number directories can often be found at the state and/or county level. If you are looking for information in particular areas, you can enter the name of your city, state, or zip code and find information about Jewish-owned businesses and residents, businesses in your area, and phone numbers for those businesses and residents. Many Jewish organizations and Jewish schools have their own telephone number directory as well.
You can easily and quickly find a phone number for a person of interest by typing that person’s name into the search box on the Jewish Business Phone Number Directory. and then clicking “Submit” in order to receive their full contact information.