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A handbag, commonly known as a purse in North American English. It is a medium-to-large bag used to carry personal items and habitually has been used by women. It is often fashionably designed. Its variants of the name are purse, pocketbook, pouch, or clutch, names which suggest moderately smaller versions. A handbag may contain some items like a wallet, keys, mobiles, jewelry, etc. A designer handbag is a larger accessory that holds objects beyond currency, such as personal items. The term handbag began appearing in the early 1900s. Many people love to buy bags and clutches for them or gifting. They sometimes also designer handbags sale for cash.

Types of bags:
Bags are fashion accessories replica (레플리카) handbags can categorize according to the contour of the bag, as well as the type of handle. Some types of handbags are-
● Clutch: Clutch is a handbag without handles with a detachable chain strap. It is rectangular, often an evening bag but used during the day as well.
● Barrel: Barrels have been shaping like a barrel or closed tube, usually with shoulder-length straps.
● Tote bag: Tote bag is a medium to large bag with two straps and an open top.
● Cross-body bag: These bags have one long strap that crosses over the body, with the bag resting at the front by the waist.
● Sling bag: It is a one long, wide strop that crosses over the body, with the bag resting on the back.
● Shoulder bag: It is any bag with shoulder-length straps.

Designer handbags sale have become very popular all over the world. Many women are fond of designer handbags. It enhances the beauty of clothing for women. A bag is a relevant part of the life of women as well as men. Men use wallets as a bag for them to carry money.