Do I Need Fire Watch Guards?

What is Fire Watch Guards ? Fire watch services are typically on-site protective functions performed by specially designated guards. Services are typically available in the following areas: fire hydrants, fire escapes, and exits. Services are typically scheduled on a 24 hour basis.

A fire watch guard company will hire security guards who have been professionally trained to react quickly and recognize suspicious activities. The on-site guards are also equipped with fire watch guards, which protect a building from combustible materials. Fire watch guards will monitor and control access to high levels of safety and will respond to all emergency calls.
What is a patrol? A patrol is an organized group of watch guard personnel that meets regularly to execute security operations. This group is usually made up of one or more patrol teams and includes supervisors and lieutenants. Each patrol team is assigned a specific function and is responsible for monitoring their particular area of responsibility. For example, if the area of responsibility includes an aircraft hangar, the first team on the scene would be responsible for securing the hangar to make it safe for the aircraft to depart.
What are Patrols? The responsibilities of patrol units include the protection of buildings, properties, and premises. A majority of patrol units are normally dispatched on a rotational basis. This means that certain periods of time the guard is available to provide security services in an area. However, in certain cases, the number of fire watches available may be increased to cover a larger geographical area.
When should a patrol be dispatched? Most commonly, a patrol is dispatched after receiving an emergency call about any type of fire hazards that may exist. Some common types of emergencies that require the dispatch of fire watch guards include:
There are several different types of fire watch guards available for a variety of situations. The use of an alarm system is very important when providing security services. Ensuring the safety of the public and of those working nearby is necessary. Implementing a fire safety system will ensure that your property remains safe from any type of fire hazards.
When should I call in the help of my fire watch guards? A large percentage of businesses employ the use of an alarm system to alert customers to potential fire hazards. Unfortunately, this system often fails to warn employees or managers of dangerous conditions within the workplace. By providing your business with an on-site alarm monitoring service, you will ensure that your employees and managers know the importance of always being aware of the latest developments in the workplace. In addition, fire watch guards are trained to recognize possible emergency signs. In this manner, they can notify management personnel of hazards that may occur.
As a business owner, do I need fire watch guards on-site every hour of the day? Not all businesses employ on-site fire emergency services. You should determine the needs of your business and employee population. Determine which departments within your company need fire department assistance and then select your fire watch guard service based on staffing requirements only. If you determine that some departments will not always require on-site fire watch guard services, you may want to consider allowing those departments to provide their own monitoring services instead.
Should I hire off-site fire department assistance for my business? If your business does not have a regular staff member assigned to monitor the status of the fire equipment, you may need to hire an off-site fire department personnel. Depending on your specific location, there may be several fire department personnel available each day to man the station.